First Virginia Cavalry, Company H

Jine the Cavalry!

If you want to have a good time, jine the cavalry!
Jine the cavalry! Jine the cavalry!
If you want to catch the Devil, if you want to have fun,
If you want to smell Hell, jine the cavalry!
    -  traditional Civil War Cavalry song

1st Virginia Cavalry companies welcome new members who are willing to meet their high but reasonable standards of performance and authenticity.  Cavalrymen generally aren't "stich-Nazis", and will not be going over your kit with a fine tooth comb, but they do know the difference between polyester and cotton.  We pride ourselves in presenting the best impression we can, consistent with a working man's pocketbook, and with some care in selection of your uniform and gear, you can too.

Civil War reenacting is not a cheap hobby.  If you seek to ride with mounted cavalry, you already know the cost of maintaining a horse, trailer, and tack.  We often travel interstate, so a simple Coggin's Certificate is not going to suffice among our animals.  Be prepared to thoroughly inoculate your mount for the protection of all of our animals, including your own.

Dismounted Cavalry is obviously the less expensive route, but even then, be prepared to ultimately drop a couple of grand into your uniform, weapons, leathers, tent, and general accessories.  Don't buy anything without consulting a senior member of our unit first!  We can guide you to the best quality at the best price, and ultimately save you both cash and embarrassment at having wasted both time and money at some sutler's tent.

Your weapons will be your single biggest expense.  The authentic reproductions of Civil War carbines and pistols we carry are "real guns", and can be loaded and fired with impressive effect.  Some of our members also hunt with black powder weapons, or enjoy live firing competition with organizations such as the North-South Skirmish Association ( N-SSA ).

So if you're looking for an occasional cheap thrill, Civil War Reenacting isn't for you.  We are more of a family than anything else, with lasting friendships quickly forming.  The mock battles we fight at a reenactments seldom last more than an hour; the rest of the time we are in camp, enjoying our mutual comradeship and sharing food, music, yarns, and snippets of Civil War history with our friends.  At night we gather around the fire pit, perhaps quaff a few ales, and regale each other with tall tales of every kind.  Sometimes a guitar or banjo will come out, and Stephen Foster songs fill the still night air.  There may be a barn dance, or a candlelight memorial procession through the camps.  Every weekend is a different adventure.

So if you'd like to "Jine the Cavalry", drop us an email describing your interest and general background.  We'll see if there is a suitable 1st Virginia Cavalry unit near you.


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