First Virginia Cavalry

Dismounted Cavalry

Not all cavalrymen are "men", either.  Trooper "Ray" (in butternut uniform) has dusted her share of Yanks as a member of a dismounted 1st Virginia Cavalry unit.
Not all skirmishes are fought from horseback.  Often, a fixed-point fight goes better when the troopers dismount and deploy as skirmishers.  After all, a mounted trooper ( and his horse ) make a pretty good target when you're up to your neck in Yankees.

In dismounted skirmishing, one reserve trooper will hold three other horses - connected by a a short snapline between headstalls - while the other three dismount and advance as skirmishers on foot.  The holding trooper then retires to a safer distance until hearing the call to return the mounts when it's time for everyone to get out of Dodge City.

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